Heath & Hearth

As part of the Scottish International Storytelling Festival 2017, we present Scotland’s first “Natural Storytelling Festival”
Exploring themes such as rewilding, foraging, sustainability and natural wellbeing, we have some highly acclaimed international and local storytellers, poets, writers and crafts-people, weaving together a familiy friendly day of story, performance, workshops and crafts.

Performance, workshops and crafts through the day and a traditional ceilidh in the evening.
Detailed programme to come soon!

Sliding scale pricing from £5-15 for the day.
28th October, Transition Town Forres venue, Bogton Road, 12-6 day event & 7-9.30pm evening ceilidh.

Artists include:
Georgiana Keable (Norway/England) www.georgiana.net/
Dawne Mcfarlane (Canada) www.dawnemcfarlane.ca/
Dougie Mackay (Scotland) wildedgestory.wordpress.com
Helen Moore (UK) www.natures-words.co.uk
Alasdair Taylor (Aus/Scotland) www.earthforlife.org
Svend Engh (Denmark) www.svenderikengh.com
& more