Usually performing a selection of folk tales and myths, in a unique contemporary style, tales can be crafted to highlight certain themes or stimulate curiosity.

Although working with many tales from Scotland, and Northern Europe, we tell tales from around the world when the time and setting is right.

Recent performances have focused on “Home and Belonging”, “Nature and the Supernatural”, “Kinship”, “Enforced migration” and “Shapeshifting”.

Recent performances have taken place at prominent storytelling festivals such as the Scottish International Storytelling Festival and Festival at the Edge, storytelling clubs across the UK and Northern Ireland, and Europe from Berlin to Vilnius.

More commonly are performances in schools and museums, contemporary events and celebrations.

Specific shows include:

Supernatural: Wonder Tales from Scotland Scottish myths and legends spanning the natural and supernatural

Stories for a Greener World Nature tales for Environmental Learning

Witches, Wee Folk and Watery Beasties Sell out show at Edfringe18 exploring Scotland’s myths and legends

Tales From the Wild Edge A journey of rewilding, blending traditional tales from the Northern Hemisphere & personal anecdote

Wolves and Witches An exploration and celebration of these notorious villains of European folk lore

Kin: Fortune, feuds and the family tree The best and worst tales of kinship and connection

Once Our Valleys were Ringing A show exploring the displacement of people, from these lands and others, and celebrating the culture of Highland Hospitality

Tales From the Magic Drum Wonder tales from around the world with drumming and songs

Buke of the Howlet Live rendition of story of the Howlet, based on the oldest ballad in the Scots language

Engaging audiences of one to many hundreds, storytelling is a diverse medium that in Scotland is said to be best delivered “eye to eye, mind to mind, heart to heart”. This is our philosophy regardless of scale, and allows performances to be crafted and tailored to suit clients, events and organisations.