Stories provide an excellent tool for community engagement, development and learning.

In 12 years working in the social development field I have worked with many groups, delivering bespoke storytelling programs with the following:

  • Young people and Teens
  • Elderly
  • Homeless
  • People in Recovery from Addiction
  • People with Learning difficulties
  • BEMIS, Refugees & Asylum Seekers
  • Mental Health Support Groups
  • Families
  • Local/ Geographic Communities

Some examples of previous programs:

  • Working with a group in Recovery (from addiction) to share stories, build confidence and present their tales in the form of a booklet mirroring “The Heroes Journey”, called Into the Black and Back.
  • Delivering a week of workshops with students at Vilnius University on “Storytelling and healthy communities”, “Storytelling and Social Justice”, “Storytelling in a wild world”
  • Facilitating and Delivering “Heath and Hearth”, Scotland’s first Nature focused Storytelling Festival
  • Supporting a group with mental health issues to organise and perform at their own traditional “ceilidh”

Recognising that people, communities and organisations are diverse in their needs and vision, I can create bespoke programs often made following a discussion about your group’s needs.

Being so adaptable, storytelling can be utilised towards various outcomes such as, inclusion, confidence building, transition, life skills, team building, creativity, cultural awareness, nature connection, health and well-being, community building, inter-generational projects, empowerment, active citizenship, history, geography, modern studies and literacy.

Email me if you’d like to make an enquiry and find out more.

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