Scotland has a rich heritage of storytelling and our style of telling gives a nod to the Seanachies of old, has the kettle on the stove for the sake of Highland hospitality, and is kept in fine fettle with the spirit of the ceilidh. Rooted in an rich storytelling culture, we breathe new life into the old tales, offering dynamism and innovation to the contemporary storytelling revival.

Stories shape our world. They bring joy, discovery and connection. Whether seeking contemporary performance, educational programs, or workshops on ways to engage an audience, stories can have the answer.

Stories whet the appetite of our imagination, stir creative ideas, stimulate learning and provoke wonder at the world around us. In this multimedia age, there’s something vital and nourishing about connecting with other people face to face for the sharing of a story or song. Humans are often called “the storytelling animal”, as stories are intrinsic to how we communicate with impact, both influencing and understanding the world around us.

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