Become a storyteller

You’re already a storyteller in some form. We are all storytellers, yet there are certainly tricks of the trade, tips and hacks that can make the act of telling a story more effortless and enjoyable. Likewise, my storytelling has developed most from mentoring with experienced tellers who can give me astute feedback and guidance. I hope to offer each of these things through various training options.

Story mentoring programme

It’s been on the back burner since 2020, but this year I’ll be offering an ongoing mentorship programme to a group of aspiring storytellers over a four month period. Through this programme we will cover the key stages of storytelling competency and get ample chance to develop our unique storytelling voice in an attentive and supportive environment.

Storytellers who have worked with me in the past have gone on to tell stories at work and during training placements, at home with family and friends, incorporate storytelling into theatre pieces and even tell stories during job interviews.

Maybe you’re already on the storytelling path? Maybe you’ve got specific timetabling needs or prefer learning solo?

I’m now offering one to one storytelling training via video calls.

To book a free 30 minute consultation to see if this might we might be a good fit for each other, get in touch via: