Inverness Storytelling Festival

A rich mix of traditional & contemporary storytelling taking the Highland Capital by storm.

Focused mostly around The Bike Shed community arts venue with various tellers bring together a rich mix of tales of the sea, mountains, forests and straths;
of witches, wee folk, & watery beasties;
of crofters, Kings, warriors and wise woman;
local lore, myth, legend and folk history woven together over a weekend celebrating the land, the people, a myriad of other beings, and the subtle story fabric that weaves us all together.

Classic and obscure Folk tales from the Highlands and Scotland will be complimented by wonder tales from around the world.

The festival will feature a mix of:
Story sessions, workshops, visual art, ceilidhs, music, poetry & film

We are delighted to announce the following storytellers with more to be confirmed:

GEORGE MACPHERSON (Scotland’s last Seanachie)

JANIS MACKAY (Award winner author & Storyteller)

DANIEL ALLISON (Indiginous story-Didge master)

LIZZIE MCDOUGALL (Ceilidh quilt visionary & Highland storyteller)

DOUGIE MACKAY (Inverness born wanderer of faery kin)

CAROL SCORER (Master percussionist and Global tale teller)

LILLIAN ROSS (Aberdeenshire’s finest, carrying a wealth of stories and songs)

ALASDAIR TAYLOR( High Energy Gaelic tale teller from Oz)

Inverness poster

Timetable Looks something like this:

Thursday Eve: Open Mic Launch at Velocity Cafe

At The Bike Shed
Saturday 11-1pm: Childrens tales and crafts
Saturday 1.30-3: Storytelling workshop
Saturday 3:30-4.30 International Wonder Tales (with rhythm and didge session)
Saturday: 6-8.30 “A Tale with yer Tea” Stories and song either side of a hearty evening meal

Storywalk along River Ness
Saturday 12-2 with George Macpherson

At The Bike Shed
Sunday 11-12.30 Childrens film & crafts
Sunday 1-4 Seanachie Sessions Highland Special (Jacobites, Second Sight and the clearances)

At Hootenannies Bar
Sunday 6.30-9 Folk and Fae Finale