In winter too, we beguiled the long evenings with story-telling, ballad-singing, tales of Bogles and Witches (in which all devoutly believed); and to these the wandering beggar and the pedlar, always welcome guests, added other varieties of entertainment.”

Ceilidh Culture in Scotland represents more than the dances that most associate with the modern Ceilidh. It was a gathering and a sharing, of song, story and the like, and no doubt the life blood of many a community.

The ceilidh can be the perfect template for community building and live entertainment.  By their nature they are inclusive, lively and warm, and give the perfect excuse to gather with friends, welcome new acquaintances, practice a wee joke story or song on a kent audience, and drop into a space that our ancestors would have revelled in.

We are passionate about the resurgence of Ceilidh culture in Scotland, sharing our stories and songs through this informal place of learning, inspiring confidence in each other to “learn a wee piece”, building trust and safety in community, and celebrating our heritage, whilst allowing it to evolve, fresh, dynamic and ready to offer something vital in the 21st century.

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