Storytelling Profile

Described as “prominent amongst Scotland’s emerging storytellers”, “enigmatic with a raw sense of humour”, and “an excellent storyteller”, Dougie loves connecting with people, place and imagination through the ever evolving world of folk tales.

His recent “sold out” show at Edinburgh Fringe Festival received 4 star reviews as he shared gnarly old tales from Scotland in “Witches, Wee Folk and Watery Beasties”.

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Bridging the traditional, hearth-side style of telling in Scotland which has warmed people’s heart and imaginations for centuries during dark, northern winters, and the more dynamic, contemporary form of performance telling gaining popularity across Europe, Dougie’s performances are intimate, yet crafted, suiting firesides, schools and theatres equally.

Social Development
With a background in Community Education, and having worked with The Village Storytelling Centre in Glasgow as a full time community storyteller, he is comfortable and experienced in many social contexts, with a substantial storytelling project portfolio.

Bespoke programs are designed, fitting varying needs, timescales and budgets.

In addition to “Witches, Wee Folk and Watery Beasties” (EdFringe18) he has developed a number of solo and group performances.  Dougie was part of the opening show of the Scottish International Storytelling Festival in 2016 with “Once Our Valleys Were Ringing”, and sell out Tradfest show “Away with the Fae” in 2017.   He received a warm response from the Festival at the Edge audience in 2017, being described by one fellow storyteller as “the surprise star of Fate 2017″(“Tales from the Wild Edge”, “Tales from the Magic Drum” and “Witches, Wee Folk and Watery Beasties”).
At Tradfest 2018 he curated Kin:Fortune, Feuds and the Family Tree with fellow tellers Daniel Serridge ad Alice Fernbank.


A range of workshops, from introduction to storytelling, storytelling for health, storytelling for climate change, storytelling for engaging communities, and narrative branding.


Whether creating a distinct company narrative, gathering ideas from staff and colleagues, using stories to engage in an idea or product, storytelling is increasingly being recognized as the essential leadership skill and a fine way of standing out from the crowd and getting noticed.
In 2018 I have presented and run workshops with the British Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania, and Vilnius Rise (supported by Barclays).

Having over 10 years experience working in a facilitators role with community and youth groups, an expertise has been developed working with diverse groups and individuals, bringing humour, warmth and trust, and seeking to deliver in a way accessible to the individual and group needs.


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